22 August 2007

If's, 200 years from now...

oh, please. I'll take cataclysm in the plural over singular


If's, 200 months from now

681 bones a monthly, with 43% prescription coverage


If, 200 weeks from now

Chainey Country Suction Cup Forehead Button

Q-ball Mother-in-Law Lounge, New Orleans

if, 200 days from now

I was in Baja, petting calf suckling whales

best finish painting these houses before the stout brave courageous

rebuilding new orleanians...

If, 200 hours from now

the van's still running - on three cylinders, its 93 degree's, that's 7 days

work enough to send film to the lab and recombine my pictures into what

I thought I saw - that hour, of work at my leisure, involving a long clear table,

scotch tape, and joinery - is absorbing and satisfying in its simplicity and

reward - visual chronicle - the camera's reducing power used in resolution

of my time and place not dot com - hand made

The Mother-in-Law Lounge with Wax Ernie K-Doe May 2006

If, probably, 200 minutes from now, watching at the grocery store

kindly queen of the rubber fatigue-mat Save-A-Lot! cash register-ess

renders a ben franklin from my precious dwindling gang of 8, now seven

I meant to get out of there for less'n'40

71, with my discount card, sort of like watching a noose

tighten - "tallest thing I climb's a bar-stool"

said the bricklayer, knee's to the ground, recalling

a three story fall 15 years ago

"saw my life pass before my eyes"

we were discussing the work I was doing

scaffold plus ladder =

those kneepads of his / definition of grounded

I heart creole shotgun houses

one story, for one - ben franklin's an A.J and change now

the things I'd do and how fast, in 200 seconds or less

if the denominator 7th president could take it personally