11 April 2015

Set List

Long As Its False You Can Do Anything

I Find Out Later Why I Don’t Say Baby No More

The fact that I still blog must be liked

please someone, somewhere Like me

as I like to be liked

tumblers aligned in rusty bated disbelief

for the turn and the right head of hair

ah the once every 5 years I saw

a head of hair like that, always in a cab

well proceeding toward the sun on 25th for

long enough to wonder what were you doing

there, in a cab going that way on 25th

that was not you, please someone


Like me

set list


Monosyllabic Gary Cooper Bullshit  1.

1. Longmire Season 3 Episode 1

set list

Charms of Longmire

Cheyenne Racket
Bad Medicine
Tricorder Cuts
Club House Bridge
Never Getting Any
Henry is a Standing Bear
A Standing Bear Never Runs
History Lesson
Poison Blankets
Stoic By The Ton
Ford or Chevy
Will it Ever End
Guest Star Turn
Boyfriends Checkbook
Dads a Basterd
Cell Nap
Clue from a Sick Fuck Note Book
Peyote, For a Case
You Owe Me
For What?
For Puttin Up 100k
This Scene Ties It Up
2314 Miles Away Is Not That Far
Take Yes For an Answer
Transfer to Australia
Happy in That Picture

his face is noted on this street 

that can’t hide a thing

that usually looks like trouble

writ large on the brow

his eyes wide, a flame

many times I did not know what they were seeing

in passing so I do not know his name

There’s some Paul Robeson in him

in size and proportion of features

you never know how much to acknowledge but brief

a gait heavy on one side

and the lighter is no easier

this is his ride, every block an epic

and I do fear he could be the kind of man 

cops shoot for walking funny down the street

I remember in Long Beach a simple boy died

when he reached for his bible

I nod when I can sense he’s alright

but ever tenuous say hey and point very slight

we’ve been passing each other for years

this face I could do with more of

I tell you has Rushmore Cheekbones

I’ve seen a demon fright in his eyes

I’m poor not to know his name

could I try

how are you today

set list

Rushmore Cheekbones

Big 10 Dollar Hole in the Ground

We're All Air-BnB Uber Fucks Now

set list

Troubled Minor Artist

Only You Put It in The Water
At the Respite Center
My Middle Name is Impulse Buy

set list


alcoa I can't wait

set list

Tomato I Forgot

What Do You Want from a Slush Pile?

How Don’t Get It Can You Get?

Helps to Speak Containerese

Set List

Bruce Conner and The Good Clerks

Here is Your Change

set List
Late Pictures of the 20th Century

I Like Stripping 50 Year Old Plywood Veneer like it was Bark
Back in the Day They Glued That Stuff to Real Wood
Linoleum Lizard Drinking Strotnium 90
Come Over There’s Pong at My House
Central Vacuum Screamer
Universal Popcorn Sparkle Ceiling Neighborhood
My Cousin Works for the Phone Company
Going to the Depot Need Anything
Imperial Peanut 
Lets Arm the Mujahideen
Crinkly Grin for President
Veteran of Grenada
You Know Nothing About Our Strategic Reserve
Afghanistan’s a Parking Lot

Set List
Identical Grins

Coulda Told You So
Kumbacha Nation
Means Test U
Don't Trust Louisianans Starting Fires at Night
Its Prehensile To Us
How To Make a Million Justs

Set List
Bedroom Teenagers

Do You Know Where My Pen Is?
Bad Case of the Zackleys
Lift the Cushions
Transient Functional Wannabe
That Leenz a Doozy
Lo, The Path to Soul Is a Long Way Off

Set List
Food Court Millionaire
5 Second Rule / Taco Bell 
Derelict to the Reputation of Quesedilla
Ask the Sani-Chlor Guy
Violation Cats in the Freezer

Set List
Haz Mat Schaz Mat
Gloves You Kiddin
Particle Mask BS
Squint Guard
That's Just For Safety
Fiberglass Putty in the Morning
Half-Gal Rubber Cement I Love You

Set List
H A Z A R D O U S   E V E R Y T H I N G
If You Got It I Got It
Hollywood Stop
Back Up a Block
Fraudulent Display of Registration
Don’t Worry About the Breaker
Let Me Have a Look Under There

Set List
Roadside Helpers
Nothing we can’t get
Unionville Waitress said Twain Lived Here Like I Should Too,
Mile Marker 403  Solar Call Box Winner
Sad Little Donut Tire
$58, 5:30 in the morning, El Paso that ain’t bad for a tow
When My Bailing Wire Comes

Set List
Berkeley Farms Graveyard Shift
You Should See This Place At Quitting Time
Curtis Front Me a Dime
Shitting on Company Time
Son, Can You Run the Wrapper?
Sal’s Nappin on the Nuts and Chews
Pallet Stacker Extraordinaire
Saturdays OT from the Get-Go

Set List
Mad Money Gone Bad
Want a TCB Room like at Graceland
Only Alcor Lets You Physically Survive Clinical Death
Gasoline Green Beans Really Work

Set List
The Filler Apps
1. Last 4 of your Social
2. Apartment Number Zip Code 
3. What was the name of the boy who the dog in your security question bit, and do you ever reflect that scar under his right eye persists to this day?

Set List
Laugh or Forever
Sorry We’re Not Stopping
Donde Compare
Welcome to Family Dollar
Not Like That Don’t Happen Every 20,000 Years
Backwards Spiritual Heir

Set List

Better Than You Know It
Jet Ski Party Sunday Morning
No Our In Me
So I Doored You
Cant Take Soul to the Bank