25 June 2016

December 2016

Seasons Grief and Lofts Company, this is Chip, May I Ask Your Name?
-Bob I'm glad you asked me that...
- Bob I must implore you to please hold on, because a Seasons Grief and Loft can help you make it not just through December, but the whole calendar, which, if you like the pictures, we recommend saving for re-use in 2023
- Bob I was like you, seasonally affected, waking to midnight at noon, cringing in the darkness, alone.  I shambled to the liquor store for alcohol and tobacco, and then the clerk handed me
- That's right Bob, the same distinctive pack of pink and black close cover before strikings that caught your eye
- Naturally I was curious, so I called Seasons Grief and Lofts, took the questionnaire, attended the free seminar, registered for counseling, and my Loft financing was approved within an hour. And Bob, that night I slept High.
- Bob, the Carpenters at Seasons Grief and Lofts are licensed psychotherapeutic tradesmen who understand the why and the way we like to get High.
- Bob, remember a song called Up On The Roof by a band called the Drifters?

- The best time to get High is when we sleep - for a feeling of security that's grounded in our evolution. Sleeping High keeps us safer and living longer, and today a Pressure Sensitive Push Button Railing (PS-PBR) comes standard in every Seasons Grief and Loft


- Bob, remember a song called Under the Boardwalk by the Drifters? That's what its like under a Seasons Grief and Loft - where I enshrine my most precious belongings to regard with rheostatic full-spectrum halogen light.
- Bob I can tell you from personal experience. I begin every day from late September through early March  with an hour Under the Seasons Grief n' Loft, bathing my head in natural 7500 Kelvin, just like the sun, and Bob, it really makes a difference.
- Bob, at Seasons Grief and Lofts that's something we understand better than most. It may be, that one hour a day alone with your Grief is what feeds your resolve to be present for the next.  Whatever you choose to do under your Seasons Grief and Loft, meditation, writing, newspaper reading, coffee sipping, or exercise, rest assured that hour will benefit you all day long.

Seasons Grief and Lofts Lay Away July:

Long as the days are now

is the time to set aside

a little for later on, when

the light is brief and wan

01 May 2016

My Back yard June 2006                                                                                                                 

21 August 2015

Po Boy New Orleans


"Mere Nola got me. It's the first poetry book in a very long time I read cover to cover and felt bad that it didn't go on. It's a hell of a book, memoir, diary, journal, told with perfect pitch, great ear, perfect spoken Ingles. Tremendous writer, truly, master of the new Nawrleans lit, if not a chef d'ecole."
-- Andrei Codrescu

I Wuv My Van
DIY Couch Demo

Pahokee by Otis Ike

A West Texas Middle School Hell House by Otis Ike

From the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center by Otis Ike

Savoy Gras by Otis Ike

The Mona Lisa Contest

Weeds to Chris

Folio of Deleted

Flower Photography in the Nineties


Rivers Paw


The Garage Door Storey

The Coffee Shop Photographs

There Is A Foot on Geary Street

It's in the Muni bay in front of Martell's Liquors at 20th Avenue; these pictures began in 1987 and end 2003. The last time I checked in 2011 it was still there, collecting its whathaveu. Nathan tries to correct me that Geary is not a Street, but a Boulevard, and a Grand one at that - its mail codes go from 94108 to 94121. But "there is a foot on Geary St." was the mutter that directed me to click my shutter the first time (after three years of notice) and this is what I mean by Language Photography...I recall my mild concern in 1997, when it was marked with orange paint as a defect to fix by a public works employee, but they never got around to repairing this impression made by a shoe cast in wet cement.


The Copula

Colour Night Real Estate Photography

Corners and Napkins

in the end a pen takes to brick and flails

in the beginning, next to portions of four bricks

is a filthy paper waiting thumbnail, a napkin

chats about waiting in chairs at a reading to hear

then, turning the page a door slams

eardrum pulsing last cigaret looks

these are real corners you could encounter in the world

close at the scale of napkins, inside and out

what I have found, is a wave form

of course,  lunar lighting. stubble of stucco -

I could tell you plenty about Stucco, but Corners and Napkins

is not concerned with stucco, some corners trap

some corners - we do not know

some corners we do, for they Deify light

lime says cool

orange invites lizards to cross

green on the produce sign says notice

napkin relieves, assures

napkin will take a bullet for the Chief

napkin signed verifies invention

napkin tapping at corners of mouth

now decide if to lie and emphasize

cloud billow sail

perfection can be  routinely achieved in the photography of napkins

these resin coated colored 4"x6" papers are satisfying to compile

for the napkin photograph solicits its surface to write on and

i love cycles of perfection to ruin

some of these corners are severe

they are hard and promise it is a cold cruel world

corners you would not like in a prison guard

we like the corner that wanders for god

that cant, that wiggle, is ours

10 Covers of Triton

4 Editions of Babel-17


Inspector Wear Skirts

Hypermiling Saved My Life

   My Life in the Photo Booth

Sqibb City

20 August 2015




Randy's Discipline

Teacher dictated the lyric to Randy transcribed it 25 times.
It was exhibited in 1989 at New Langton Arts in San Francisco,
"Special Collections."

From a collection of mostly handwritten papers gathered by William Passarelli
Including a distressed loose leaf by Randy with a no two letters alike handwriting:

1. I will come when I am called. I will not break dance in
the halls. I will not laugh when teacher calls my name.
(x 25)

I heard, and became a colony of its refrain...

Chris Sullivan April 2009 New Orleans