21 April 2012

50,000 Things I Can Do Save(d) the E A R T H



"My Aesthetic did this to me..."

Assembly is in our genes; and now stuff is not just everywhere, its easy to get.

What expressive medium does not become collage.

What greater instrument of Collectography than the Internet, or proving ground


Which if by nature proceeds from an appreciative regard and admiration and curiosity

to court and sight the Buckyball thin lattice structures a boundary the correct and

immemorial Aesthetic, with the other, cannot truly be said to harm?

Or that a right thing might not be made from a collection of these, abiding examples

of What Not.

The center image in collage below (49,992) is called Nourish, by Boyd Webb,

a narrative visual artist whose work appears entirely unacquainted with the

EAE, and says

"The wish to take the domestic into realms beyond the imaginable

seems to me to be a truly human aspiration


From Jack Foley's weekly Cover to Cover poetry program at KPFA

It never occurred to me the Gray Whale had blood vessels large enough that
I could swim through, until I had the experience of hearing Heathcote Williams’
great ecopoem, Whale Nation, a brilliant collage dealing with creatures who can
boast “the largest brain ever created”:
“Blue seas cover seven-tenths of the earth’s surface,
And are the domain of the largest brain ever created,
With a fifty-million-year-old smile.”

This poem, famous in England, is almost unknown in the USA.

It is read by the author.

Part 1

Part 2


in Admiration of Lionel Williams
Color Sandwich Board Parlour Book
387" linear (giclee) Poboy + Marginalia,
Commissioned and Licensed, Slight Publications


49,995: Why does the White Southerner Love George Bush?

He makes Jefferson Davis 2nd Worst President in American History


Just prior to chores in the Garden

run your fingernails through a bar of soap;

and that dirt won't have a chance at wash time


Why did the illiterate Junior White Southerner have to be "Grandfathered" in?

So Blacks could be Taxed Without Representation.

Why did the White Southerner introduce a ballot initiative whereby blacks
would vote overwhelmingly for their own electoral disenfranchisement?

Repeatedly Stealing Elections is too much like work!


Support the N A T U R M O B I L...

"Taken from the word nature and mobile, Naturmobil is a vehicle designed

to run with the help of nature, specifically with the natural force of the horse"


Extract every bit of toothpaste from the tube by tightly rolling

the tube as it is used. When empty, replace the cap and drive a screw

through the top to attach to cabinet door for a "pull" (thumb and forefinger) style handle.

50,000: If you can't do something Nice for the Earth, don't do it at all.